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Big Sonic Ski: Order to Install in 12h - a report from MOBA AUSTRALIA

The Big Sonic Ski in combination with MOBA MATIC II. A system that enables contactless sensing with no artificial reference. The Big Ski can be used with up to 4 sensors that ensure the most possible smoothness of the road by taking out wavelengths of up to 7 meters...

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QSBW 4.0 - Future roadconstruction in Germany

QSBW 4.0 means Quality Roadconstruction Baden-Württemberg and is the most advanced and most digitalized working plan we have in Germany. Published in 2018, we had a lot of pilot projects running this year. The goal is to have as much as possible digitized and documented...

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Test track extension at MOBA

Time is running, requirements are changing. To keep up, companies need to be progressive and innovative. Beside the fact, that this needs to have many ideas and future thinking employees and departments, you also have to have the right mindset throughout your whole team...

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MOBA Supports Corporate Design

MOBA’s signature yellow can be seen on many products and many machines. However, some customers ask to have products made by MOBA to be customized to their own specifications, such as colors and design. With MOBA’s flexible development and production facilities...

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Big Sonic Ski Installation in Uruguay

It is my "thinking" on the business strategy that I am implementing in our distributor network in the Latin American region. Explaining it better, I am training good distributors, who in turn train others less experienced, creating healthy alliances, taking advantage of the same language (Spanish) and with minimal time zone differences, thus allowing response times to the customer to be reduced...

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